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Welcome to the website of novelist Michael Jecks, known as the master of the medieval murder mystery.

On the left you will find links to all the interesting bits - about me and my writing and the period in which most of it is set. You will always find information here about my latest Knights Templar mysteries, about some new ventures, and about collaborations with my fellow Medieval Murderers, too.

I hope you'll want to visit my site often, and find out all my latest news - but if you want to be even more up to date, have a look at the column on the right, which links to some of the other places you can find me - on Facebook, on Twitter, even mailed to your inbox...

Templar's Acre

My new book is a bit of a departure from the continuing story of Simon and Baldwin: it's a prequel, telling the story of Baldwin's early life, from the time he left England to travel to Acre and take part in the defence of the city. It's a story about a youth and his gradual growth into a man, but all the time it is about the dreadful brutality of one of the most savage sieges of all time.

And I confess, I am delighted with it - and delighted, too, that it is gathering some wonderful reviews - but don't take my word for it, go and see what Ian Mortimer, Manda Scott, Susannah Gregory and others have to say!

Keep a close eye on my Events page, too: this is the place to find out where I am, and I hope that if I am ever in your neighbourhood, you will come and say hello! Whether I'm talking about my own books, chatting about the middle ages with my friends The Medieval Murderers, or even dancing with Tinners' Morris: it's all on the Events page! And something new: I am delighted to be part of the first AsparaWriting Festival, the first literary festival specifically designed for aspiring writers. Throughout the asparagus season (April - June), guest authors are offering workshops and talks - and I will be one of them!

Act of Vengeance

If you are looking for something completely different from my usual mysteries, I can also offer you a contemporary thriller! Lee Child called it "an instant classic British spy novel", which is praise indeed. What's more, it's set in Alaska, home of the Scavengers - a Security Service department responsible for quickly and quietly cleaning up the mess other agents leave behind! Finally, it's available exclusively as an e-book, for the time being at least - but see my latest Newsletter for the possibility of a hardback edition.

Want to know more? Read the full story here!

I have news on another front, too, with two collections that bring together all of my short stories. Now you don't have to seek out the anthologies where they first appeared, you can just download and start reading straight away! Whether you're looking for tales of Simon and Baldwin, or want to range through history - and the present day! - you'll find out how on the Short Stories page!

The 14th century is a great time for a novelist to write about, just because it was not a great time to live. I have plenty to say about this subject elsewhere! And things didn't get any better with the unpredictable background of civil unrest surrounding the deposition of King Edward II. Sir Baldwin de Furnshill and Simon Puttock are drawn into forward into a new and uncharted future, as the troubled reign of Edward II draws to a close and the era of Edward III begins.

And you can . I do read everything I receive but I can't guarantee a reply because of my workload. Please send your comments on the website as it's meant to be useful and fun for you as well as me!

Alternatively, and for business enquiries, you can contact me via my agent, Eddie Bell
The Bell Lomax Moreton Agency
Ground Floor
Watergate House
13/15 York Buildings
Tel: 0207 930 4447
Fax: 0207 925 0118

Photograph of Michael Jecks © Rafi Romaya

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Books with a personal touch

See my latest Newsletter for a very special offer - buy books and help me clear my study!

Plus an exclusive hardback offer...

"Michael Jecks paints a realistic portrait ... the detail of how life was lived from the highest to the lowest in this alien and frightening landscape is marvellously portrayed."

C.J. Sansom

"The most wickedly plotted medieval mystery novels"

The Times

"Jecks succeeds in writing both a book which smells of the Middle Ages and yet is a detective story. No mean feat!"

Crime Time

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